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~ Tree Removal & Chipping ~

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Safety First: 

Here at Central City Tree Service, we pride ourselves on the work we perform. We understand that tree removal has arguably been the most dangerous task in our industry. Safely removing a tree requires a great deal of training. Most importantly, it requires strict adherence to all industry safety standards. We are highly trained in the practice of tree removal and tree cutting. We not only have the experience but also the expertise and working knowledge necessary to handle any tree removal project in Santa Maria and most of San Luis Obispo County. 

However, simply removing a tree is just not good enough. Throughout the process we will do our best to cause as little disturbance to your property as possible. We will also thoroughly clean up after each project. We understand that you spend time and money to keep your property looking beautiful, which is the reason it is our goal to leave it looking as good, or even better, than it did before our work began. 

Pine Tree Removal

This was the removal of several large pine trees from the Vizcaya Apartment complex in Santa Maria. Due to city code violations, these trees needed to be removed from the property. We came in and within a week, we removed all of the trees in violation and had the Vizcaya Apartments up to city code and looking beautiful. 

Tree Chipping
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