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Tree Services & Landscaping

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Central City Tree Service is a professional and reliable company dedicated to providing the highest quality tree care services.

Our team of experienced arborists use the latest equipment and techniques to safely and efficiently trim trees to maintain their health, appearance, and safety. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, with a focus on safety, communication, and attention to detail. Whether you need routine tree maintenance, emergency tree removal, or other tree care services, we are here to help.
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Tree Removal

Whether you’re facing potential danger from a looming tree or simply want to clear some space, our team specializes in tree removal. We are well-equipped to handle trees of any size and in any location, ensuring they’re removed safely and efficiently. Don’t let that large tree in a tricky spot stress you out; our professionals have the skills and equipment to handle it with care.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Trees, like all living things, require maintenance to ensure they grow healthy and strong. Our services range from basic maintenance trims to more complex tasks like cable and hazardous area trimming, as well as storm damage trimming. We cater to a large variety of trees and provide custom trimming services to suit their individual needs.

Sprinkler Repair & Revamps

A smoothly operating sprinkler system is essential for maintaining a lush and healthy landscape. If your sprinklers are malfunctioning or outdated, our expert crew is on hand to offer repairs and upgrades. Using top-notch equipment, we diagnose the problem and offer effective solutions to ensure your green spaces stay hydrated.

Maintenance & Landscaping

In Santa Maria, we are recognized as the go-to experts for tree landscaping and maintenance. Our dedicated team has deep knowledge of local flora and the right techniques to care for them. From routine trims to complete landscaping transformations, we handle trees of all sizes and varieties with precision and passion.

Aerial Truck

Some jobs require a bird’s-eye view, and our Aerial Truck is up for the task. Equipped with 45ft and 85ft lifts, this truck is perfect for those hard-to-reach places, especially around cable lines. This specialized equipment ensures that we can operate safely and efficiently, even at great heights. Whether it’s tree trimming, pruning, or any other task, our Aerial Truck makes the job seamless.

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